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What is Numis ?

Today, Numis is a software project that aims at providing a coin collection management tool. A lot of passionate people do collect coins and banknotes from all origins, everywhere in the world. However, no software tool is available that would allow both to manage such a collection and to share it with others via a web site.

Nonetheless, a few software tools exist, but are often dedicated to particular types of coins or banknotes (e.g. Euro collection or ancient coins...); generally they do not provide any web presentation capability for collections. Moreover these softwares are not free and only run under Windows.

The Numis project wishes to offer a unique software environment all the services usefull to a coins and banknotes collector: a reference numismatic database. a collection and web presentation manager.

What should Numis be ?

Numis is at the early beginning of its development. It is not even fully specified. Anyway, here is what it should be offering to its users:

In addition, Numims should provide an easy to use graphical user interface giving access to all of tis features.

More detailled specifications are available here.

Call for skills

Numis is far too big a project for a single person. What is more, skills in different areas are needed to design and develop it:

We lack most of these skills.

So, if you wish to participate in this project, do not hesitate! All good wills are welcome! If you are interreseted in this project, please, go to the project's home on SourceForge.

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